Who will win in the Google Phone vs Apple iPhone War ?

Is this the war of the titans, considering that both are big names in the market? Perhaps this is the duel of a lifetime, but the bottom line is that the users will have the final word about which product they prefer. Therefore, before you can go to look for either the Google phone or the iPhone, you should log on to the internet sites and see what the online shopping reviews say. The score for Google Phone vs. Apple iPhone might not be easy to settle because the new users will be loyal to what they buy. If a user buys either of the two smartphones at one point in life, most likely he will want to spend his whole life with it. Therefore what we end up with will be two parallel lines of acclaim.

However, it is only from the lucky few who have had a chance of using both smart phones that we can be able to discern a difference between them. Some people claim that the Google phones ultimately better because of its enhanced camera features. At the same time, there are other die hard fans that are ready to swear by the Apple Smartphone.

The Google phone is unlocked, meaning that the users are allowed to use as many carriers as they want without restrictions. The Apple iPhone, on the other hand, has for a long time been tethered to only one wireless provider. In the Google phone vs. Apple iPhone duel, this fact puts the iPhone a bit behind of the Google phone. But this is hardly surprising because Google, also popularly referred to as the big G, has gone out of its way to make talk time longer and more convenient for users.

Today, the Google phones battery lasts approximately 7 hours of talk time and in addition, the phone is sold with a spare battery. The Apple iPhone, on the other hand, comes with a single battery that has a talk time of 5 hours.

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